Thursday, March 6, 2014

The beginning

So much had happened lately, i guess we have abandoned this blog for some time (both you and i guilty)... I was just feeing lazy and thinking back on how we first started...
and then,  i found this! ^^

Kevin Wong Ooi Beng, 
I have know you for 23 years!
23 years!!
Just thinking of that is crazy...
what are the odds?
best childhood friend,
doing everything together,
play, chat, race, argue, laugh,
innocent children in the world of their own,
where everything was pure, everything was genuine...

And as if by fate we separated,
when different paths,
 we lost total contact,
And as if by fate (and lots of magic), 
Against all odds,
you found me again!

Did you really, like you said,
did some reminicence
and a little prayer
and God answered it?
Or was it some chessy thing that some guys say to girls?

Because, the story,
this story, 
i find, still hard to believe,
what are the odds?

Perhaps, when two lost soul,
however far they are,
In  some ways, 
God does his magic
He brings people apart,
He brings people together,
and when you put yourself in His hands
He does his magic...

I think
WE are part of God's magic...
some people even call that magic a miracle...

** you know, sometimes, when i watch movies (like those typical korean dramas) , i never believed in it,.. you know, no such coincidents in the world, right? but the truth is, sometimes, it does happens... and yes, against all odds... and sometimes, it does happens... 

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